What We Offer:

  • Work one-on-one with students from kindergarten through grade 12
  • Welcome students with difficult challenges
  • Focus on critical subject areas such as English, math, history, and world languages
  • Boost basic skills in math, reading, and writing where needed
  • Meet with you to set goals achievable within a limited timeline. It's not a lifetime commitment!
  • Update you regularly on progress toward those goals
  • Establish good rapport so students enjoy a positive experience
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere where students will feel comfortable
  • Offer a supervised study hall for students before or after their session
  • Prep students for a variety of tests, including SAT and ACT, GRE, GED, GMAT, AP, and high school placement tests

How We Work:

  • Consult with the student and parents to agree on overall goals
  • Set timelines of expected progress with a brief individualized learning assessment
  • Advise parents immediately of any needs requiring further attention
  • Increase students' self-esteem and confidence by achieving and celebrating successes
  • Report to parents on progress every 4-6 sessions and agree on next steps
  • Partner with parents in their student's progress
  • Collaborate with teachers where needed
  • Refer to other professionals as needed

Home School Classes:

We are prepared to offer classes in the following areas and will consider others on request:

  • Reading (increasing speed and comprehension and building vocabulary)
  • Writing (basic composition, expressive and essay writing)
  • Languages (French, Latin, Spanish)
  • Math (from basic math skills up through algebra, geometry, and calculus)
  • Social Studies (history and geography)
  • Test Preparation (ACT, PSAT/SAT, Catholic High School Placement Test)
  • Learning Skills (organization, study skills)
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Literature and Culture (world and American classics, modern, poetry)

While it is ideal for most of the students in a class to be at roughly the same level, our approach allows for some range of skills and development within a class.

We also welcome the opportunity to work with home-schooled students individually or small groups in these subject areas.